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First ever Official PlayStation Mag site imminent

Yes, after many fun-filled years of officiially bringing official PlayStation news to the UK officially, OPM is branching out. Supplementing the old wood pulp and glue approach with a shiny new digital best friend, our sister mag is very soon to join us in the sparkly futuristic world of the internet, with the first ever Official PlayStation Magazine web site.

Currently staking its claim to a place on the web with a holding page right here, the mag is busily gearing up a whole load ofgreat content for the site. Faster news, a thriving online PlayStation community, closer connections between the team and their readers... It's all coming, and it's going to make the site the place to be for all owners of anything PlayStation (alongside Radar's very own PS channels, of course).

So head along there now and prepare for its arrival by signing up for the newsletter. You'll get to be one of the cool kids who can say they were there for the beginning, and there are prizes to be had once the site launches, which we are reliably informed will include gold. *

*This is a lie.