First Beowulf trailer and screens

This gruesome interactive entertainment will supplement the blockbustin%26rsquo; movie of the same name directed by the lovely Robert Zemeckis. We%26rsquo;ve also gotsomescreens you can brutally stare at by clicking the Images tab above.

The marketing team over at publisher Ubisoft blessed us with an eloquent press release, detailing all the exciting features of the game. Like how the %26ldquo;Grab ability allows Beowulf to hold on to walls or climb,%26rdquo; or how you%26rsquo;ll experience %26ldquo;hand-to-hand combat against enemies and giant monsters.%26rdquo; Wow! Are you hopping excitedly on top your desk like us? Well, you will, once you find out that this game spans 30 years (GASP!) of Beowulf storyline. Yeah, it%26rsquo;s totally sweet, cuz like Beowulf comes to Denmark to kill something that%26rsquo;s really, really evil. And uhhh, he also wants to become the King of Denmark. Feel the plot twisting%26hellip;

Enjoy the sheer amount of bones that are cracked in the trailer, scan the screens, and feel the love.

July 26, 2007