Firewatch gets major framerate improvement patch on PS4

Firewatch is a beautiful game, bursting with bright colors and stylish renditions of the Wyoming wilderness. It really was too bad then, that PS4 players weren't experiencing the game in all its majesty, their experience hindered by framerate issues, texture pop-ups, and occasionally falling through the ground, tumbling forever into an empty void. Thankfully, those problems have now been addressed.

Developer Campo Santo released a patch today for the PS4 version of their game, with rendering fixes taking the biggest priority. Draw distance and shadow render distance have been improved, unstable framerate has been addressed, and collision detection has been tweaked so that players no longer get stuck or fall through the level. The only downside is that autosaving is now less frequent, as Campo Santo pinpointed them as the cause of most framerate dips.

Future fixes will include further upgrades and performance improvements, but Campo Santo writes that it does not have a timeline on exactly when those changes will be coming. At least for now, it's worth firing up your PS4 and getting the update installed.

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Sam Prell

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