Fire Emblem Engage's credits hide a weird meta character reference

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Fire Emblem Engage hides a strange detail which ties together multiple games in the series for the first time.

As you'll no doubt know if you've played Fire Emblem Engage, yet another iteration of merchant Anna appears in the new title, this time as an axe-wielding child. However, as one Reddit user pointed out in the Fire Emblem subreddit post just below, Engage's credits depict multiple Annas together, sharing the screen at last.

So what's actually going on here? If you aren't a Fire Emblem veteran, you might not know that Anna is a recurring character for Nintendo's strategy series, popping up through multiple games in the Fire Emblem series, with a slightly different character design each time. She's sort of like Final Fantasy's Cid, in that respect.

What Fire Emblem Engage's credits are showing here is the Anna from Engage, joined together with Fire Emblem Awakening's and Fates' depictions of Anna. It's sort of a strange multiverse crossover deal, where multiple Annas are finally standing together alongside one another.

This is, as far as we can work out, the first time the Fire Emblem series has depicted multiple Annas together. The exception might well be Fire Emblem Heroes, where characters from all Fire Emblem games joined together for the mobile gacha-style strategy game.

Then again, Fire Emblem Engage's main gimmick is pulling together heroes from across the series to bond with the new cast members. Who's to know if a few Annas accidentally slipped through space and time to join the newer characters?

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