Final version of GTA IV realism mod makes it look better than GTA V, also reveals drunk airline pilots

So the final version of the unbelievably beautiful Icenhancer 'realism' mod for Grand Theft Auto IV has arrived, and it might just look better than GTA 5. And coincidentally just as GTA IV hits a stupidly low price in the Steam summer sale. Yeah, coincidentally. Yeah.

Needless to say, the trailer is gorgeous, but it does also, via an unfortunate side-effect of time-lapse photography, blow the lid on the insane behaviour of Liberty City's airline pilots. Seriously, just look how many of those guys just fly around in circles. Are they drunk? Are they depressed? Has Spider-Man come to the city, understandably mistaking it for New York, and accidentally attached one wing of each plane to a skyscraper by way of some haphazard web-slinging?

Some bigger flight paths next time please, Rockstar. That shit just looks weird once you notice it.

But yeah, if you want to run this and you have a decent PC (but no GTA IV), get over to the Steam summer sale now. GTA IV, bundled with both Episodes add-ons and every other main-series Grand Theft Auto game ever made, is now available for but £4.99. Seriously.

But PC gaming is so expensive!

David Houghton
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