Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection availble for complete collectors this April

Square Enix announced today that its comprehensive Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection pack for the PSP will be ready to sell on April 19th. The release features an upgraded version of the seminal fourth game in the Final Fantasy series, complete with new bonus levels, optimized PSP graphics, a re-mastered soundtrack and -for the first time ever in box form - a copy of its mobile sequel The After Years.

“In honor of the 20th Anniversary since the initial launch, we are releasing FINAL FANTASY IV: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION this April, 2011. We hope fans will enjoy and celebrate not only the original and complete game experience but the addition of new and never-before-seen levels,” said Ami Blaire, vice president of marketing atSquare Enix in today's release.

Final Fantasy IV debuted on the Super Famicom in Japan in 1991, and waspublishedinNorth Americaas Final Fantasy II for the SNES shortly thereafter. In its 20 year run, the epic tale of the dark knight Cecil has been ported to numerous consoles and handhelds, including its most recent updated appearance on the Nintendo DS in 2009.The sequel, The After Years, was developed as an episodic game for Japanese mobile phones.It was latersquished down from 13 downloadable chapters to 9 for its release on Nintendo's WiiWare in 2009.

Together, Final Fantasy IV and its sequel comprise the core of Square Enix's latest collection, with the extra levels, bonus artwork and other franchise goodies rounding out the $29.99 package.

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