Final Fantasy IV sequel revealed

Dec 14, 2007

Square Enix has officially revealed a sequel to Super NES classic Final Fantasy IV... but it's for mobile phones. Pitch forks at the ready.

Final Fantasy IV The After - Return to the Moon will release on Japanese FOMA 903i model mobile phones in February, with support for other mobiles coming later.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the game has you playing as Theodore, a young boy who is descended from the SNES original's hero Cecil, though Final Fantasy fans are probably too busy cursing into their handhelds to care.

The 1991 original was later ported to PlayStation and remade on the Nintendo DS, and is largely regarded as one of the best entries in the massive RPG series. Its hugely disappointing then that the follow up is coming to a watered down format only properly available in Japan. But we're not bitter at all, no.

We'll let you know if it’s any good. If we ever get our hands on it.

Courtesy of CVG.