Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth takes around 40 hours to beat, and you won't start from level 1

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth hero Cloud shown against purple light
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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will reportedly take you around 40 hours to beat if you're just focused on the main story content.

That comes from the Thai gaming website This Is Game, which has recently spoken to the director Naoki Hamaguchi, creative director Tetsuya Nomura, and producer Yoshinori Kitase. 

After asking about the length of the upcoming action-RPG, the outlet reports that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will take you around 40 hours to beat, if we’re talking main content. As previously reported elsewhere, you’re looking at over 100 to fully complete everything, such as side-quests and general open-world activities. 

If you’re looking for a further point of comparison, HowLongToBeat has Final Fantasy 7 Remake being beaten in 34-ish hours on average regarding main content, and 89 hours for a completionist run. 

It’s worth noting that Square Enix is making an estimate on Rebirth’s run time, so we’ll need to see how things shake out when the game fully launches. That said, it looks like you can expect something that’ll take you a similar amount of time to complete. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Square Enix confirms that we won’t be starting the game from level one, like we did in Remake. Rather, the developer is taking the average level of what players reached when finishing Remake, and going from there. As for what that’ll be, we may have to wait and see. The developers also reiterate that you won’t be carrying your save over, though you will get something nice for having a record of playing the previous game.

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