Are Final Fantasy 7s iOS random battle skip & God mode hints for the remake?

Much-loved though it is, the fact is that Final Fantasy 7 is a game from another era. Another century and millennium in fact. We already know that the Final Fantasy 7 remake will feature dramatic changes to its combat to modernize it, but what other tweaks are in store? If the Final Fantasy 7 iOS port that's rolling out today is any indication, we might also be able to skip another defining trait of the series: random encounters.

According to the game's description on the App Store, the iOS version features an option to turn off random encounters on the world and event map, as well as a command to give your characters max stats. Twitter account RPGSite noticed the changes and posted a screenshot, just in case you'd like proof:

While that may seem like a cheap way to beat the game, it also lets newcomers and those curious about the FF7 remake experience the original story, making it so everyone can get sad over Aeris' death scene.

Hooray, question mark?

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Sam Prell

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