Final Fantasy 16 fans think an artist just revealed a new version of a character

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy 16 artist posting on Twitter has given rise to a surge of speculation surrounding the game.

Just below, you can see a tweet from Square Enix artist Kazuya Takahashi. While the artwork itself doesn't give away much, fans are speculating that the person in the artwork itself is the older version of a character previously revealed for Final Fantasy 16.

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That would be Jill, companion to protagonist Clive and his younger brother Joshua in Final Fantasy 16. You might recall that child versions of all three characters were revealed back when Final Fantasy 16 was first announced back in 2020, but we also saw an older, sterner version of protagonist Clive, complete with facial tattoos and a mean glare. 

Fans of Final Fantasy 16 are now speculating that the character depicted in Takahashi's new art is the older version of Jill. Given that Clive is apparently going to age up at some point over the course of Square Enix's new game, it stands to reason that other characters like Jill and Joshua will follow suit (assuming a grisly demise isn't waiting for them beforehand, that is).

Information about Final Fantasy 16 has been scant since it was first revealed in 2020, and somewhat ironically, this is exactly the reason why. Producer Naoki Yoshida stated in February last year that news on the new game had specifically been limited to avoid speculation from those eagerly awaiting the new game.

However, more concrete news for Final Fantasy 16 is close on the horizon. Taking to the game's official social media channels, producer Yoshida apologized for the lack of information, stating that the COVID-19 pandemic had ultimately delayed development of Final Fantasy 16 by over half a year. The current plan, according to Yoshida, is to hold a big reveal at some point in Spring 2022, so we could be in for our first new look at Final Fantasy 16 in little over two months.

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