Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter set for this week, offering a proper glimpse at patch 6.3

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.3 will get a proper showing this coming Friday.

The next Letter From the Producer Live is taking place this Friday at 3am PT/ 6am ET /11am GMT. According to the Lodestone post announcing the new Final Fantasy 14 live show, it's here that we'll see more details of the upcoming patch 6.3, set to launch next year in early January 2023.

Considering the timing of the broadcast, it's not unreasonable to expect a precise release date for patch 6.3 to be unveiled. Final Fantasy 14 has typically taken this approach to patch release dates in the past - announcing the patch in a first live show, then following up with a final release date in a second showcase.

Speaking of, the presentation where patch 6.3 was first announced came last month in mid-November. It was here that Square Enix announced the patch title would be 'Gods Revel, Lands Tremble,' as well as outlining the preliminary release date of early January 2023 for the update. 

At the time, it was revealed the patch would contain new main scenario quests as per usual, as well as the continuation of Tataru's Grand Endeavour and the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures side quests. The next stage of the 24-player Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid was also teased for the patch, so there'll be a meaty Raid to get stuck into.

Whatever the case, you can watch the new Letter From the Producer Live on Final Fantasy 14's YouTube channel this coming Friday for further details and reveals.

Square Enix just recently announced Final Fantasy 14's controversial housing demolition would be restarting, to a very divided reception from the game's community. 

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