Jedi or Sith? Discover your Star Wars allegiance with our quiz

Jedi vs. Sith, Rebellion vs. Empire, savage stormtroopers vs. adorable teddy-men. The Star Wars universe has never been one to shy away from these kinds of binary distinctions. There's good and there's evil and there's Anakin - a man who just sort of swaps over halfway through. Lucky for us, this system of either/or also lends itself rather well to a quickfire personality quiz. Not that there aren't a couple of surprises in there too - we've got all you moral grey area squatters covered - plus a little something for you hardcore Jar Jar fanatics. Yes, both of you! Discover your intergalactic allegiance this Star Wars day and may the fourth be with you.

Samuel James Riley
When he's not busy saving small animals from dangerous brush fires, Sam enjoys writing about the weird world of video games. All-time favourites include Half-Life 2, Knights of the Old Republic, GTA: Vice City and Final Fantasy 10. Last year, Sam finally succeeded in besting Rayman 1 for PlayStation, leaving his life utterly without meaning.