FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC: The cheapest way to complete the Squad Building Challenge

As you'd expect from the name, the FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC requires exactly eight nationalities. Of course, that's not all; you can only have two players from the same nation and three from the same club, and you must have a minimum of 88 chemistry, five rare players, and they all need to be gold. Man, the SBCs really don't get easier in FIFA 20. Luckily for you, we've done the legwork and have a cheap FIFA 20 Elite Eight solution for you right here.

FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC solution

(Image credit: EA Sports)

The reward for the FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC is a Prime Gold Players Pack which is worth 45,000 coins, so to say this solution costs under 8,000 coins means there's some serious value to be found here – if you don't get someone like Phil Jones as the best player in the pack, that is. The most you'll have to fork out for any specific player in this solution is 1,000 coins and there's likely a few that can be substituted out if you can't get them for cheap. Do remember that you need to have at least five rare players though!

Here's our FIFA 20 Elite Eight SBC cheap solution:

GK: T. Koubek [GER 1/Czech Republic] - 1,000 coins

RB: T. Gebre Selassie [GER 1/Czech Republic] - 450 coins

CB: N. Subotic [GER 1/Serbia] - 500 coins

CB: D. Boyata [GER 1/Belgium] - 700 coins

LB: R. Bensebaini [GER 1/Algeria] - 700 coins

CM: N. Sahin [GER 1/Turkey] - 900 coins

CM: J. Baumgartlinger [GER 1/Austria] - 1,000 coins

CM: W. McKennie [GER 1/USA] - 700 coins

RW: E. Skhiri [GER 1/Tunisia] - 800 coins

ST:  G. Burgstaller [GER 1/Austria] - 400 coins

LW: F. Johnson [GER 1/USA] - 450 coins

Total: 7,600 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since. For other possible solutions, visit Futbin.

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