FIFA 17 career mode guide

Best career mode buys

If you find yourself manager of a club flush with cash and want to sign a big-name player, you can’t go wrong with these five superstars. They’re some of the best young players in the game, and that means one thing: they ain’t cheap. But if you can stump up the cash you’ll find yourself blessed with the next generation of Galacticos.

Goalkeeper – Jan Oblak

OVR: 87
Potential: 91
Age: 23
Club: Atlético Madrid
Cost: £60m
Wages: £70,000

You can have the best defensive line in the world, but if your goalkeeper is useless then you’re still going to be shipping in the goals. Getting a world class shot stopper is a requirement for any self-respecting manager out to conquer the planet.

You could go for David De Gea or Thibaut Courtois, but unless you’re willing to pay their £95m asking prices then they’re probably not on the cards. A better option would be to go for Jan Oblak of Atlético Madrid. He’s still one of the best keepers in the world with his 87 rating, and his 91 potential will make him almost unbeatable in a few years time.

While you could spend almost 100 million smackers on De Gea or Courtois, Oblak can be yours for a ‘mere’ £60m, less than two-thirds the price. Seems like a bargain!

Defender – Raphaël Varane

OVR: 84
Potential: 91
Age: 23
Club: Real Madrid
Cost: £42m
Wages: £160,000

No one wants a leaky defence. If money’s no object and you need a defender who’s going to excel both now and in the future, Raphaël Varane is your man.

He’s got everything you need in a centre back – strength, great tackling stats and aerial prowess – so will be rock solid from day one. But he’s also very fast for a centre back, so should be able to handle pacier forwards too. He’s even decent at passing and can start attacks with a quick long ball up to your strikers.

Offer a bid of £42m and £160,000 wages and he’ll be yours.

Central midfielder – Marco Verratti

OVR: 85
Potential: 90
Age: 23
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Cost: £50m
Wages: £130,000

The best central midfielders are those who can do a bit of everything, whether that’s in attack or defence, and can do it well. That way you know no matter what situation they end up in, they’ll be reliable.

Marco Verratti is a great example of this. 88 dribbling, 90 short passing and 87 long passing make him a real threat going forward, but he can defend too – 82 stand tackle and 83 interceptions will make him a tough player to beat. He’s got a strong weak foot so can play on either side of midfield, and his four star skill moves are a great asset for anyone who likes performing tricks.

Like everyone else here, he’s not cheap – £50m transfer fee and £130,000 wages – but he’s worth it if you need a great all-rounder in midfield.

Winger – Anthony Martial

OVR: 82
Potential: 90
Age: 20
Club: Manchester United
Cost: £37m
Wages: £100,000

A great winger is more than just pacey (although that’s a big part of it). The best of the best can dribble, cross, shoot and pass exceptionally well, in addition to tearing defences apart with their speed. Get a winger like that who also has high potential and you’re golden.

Anthony Martial is exactly that type of player, and he actually brings even more than all that. 89 dribbling and four star skill moves make beating defenders easy, and he’ll score plenty thanks to his 82 finishing and 80 positioning. He’s extremely fast with 92 acceleration and 91 sprint speed, but can hold off defenders too due to his 80 strength – rare for a winger. That shooting ability also makes him a good option up front if you need some cover.

He’s the ‘cheapest’ player here with an asking price of £37m and £100,000 wages.

Striker – Paulo Dybala

OVR: 85
Potential: 92
Age: 22
Club: Juventus
Cost: £70m
Wages: £150,000

Every team needs a prolific goalscorer who can put away the chances week in, week out. If you want the best young striker in the game and don’t care what he costs, there’s only one option – Paulo Dybala.

He excels at almost everything. Need a dribbler? 91 acceleration, 90 dribbling and four star skills should do it. Need a poacher? 89 finishing and 85 positioning, at your service. Like scoring goals from distance? 86 long shots and 80 shot power are what you need. He can score free kicks, penalties, volleys, run all game long... pretty much the only side of his game that’s lacking is heading, and that can be trained anyway.

Did we mention he’s only 22 and has 92 potential? And that if you play him on the wing his rating increases by 3 points? He’s the best young striker in the game, hands down, and one of the best young players in any position. You’ll pay £70m for the privilege of having him, but come on, who doesn’t want talent like that in their side?

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