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FIFA 13 on Wii U trailer demonstrates the 'shake and shoot' technique

FIFA 13 (opens in new tab) is shaping up for release as this first trailer shows. We've already heard that the game is doing things graphically that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions can't do, thanks to its extra RAM, but the unique features were never going to stop at aesthetics. As we previously revealed in our FIFA 13 on Wii U: What you need to know (opens in new tab), the Wii U GamePad is offering up some new options for control, which you can see in the first trailer below.

Similar to the Vita version's back touch panel functionality, you'll be able to pick exactly where you want the ball to go when you shoot. You'll do this by shaking the GamePad, which will bring up an overlay of the goal on the touchscreen. Tap where you want the ball to go and your shot should fly into the top corner (or straight into the keeper's arms if you've not quite grasped the concept).

We also like the idea of on-the-fly team management too, although that's only really going to work in online games or single-player sessions, unless EA is supporting multi-GamePad control. All of these motion controls are optional (you can also click in both control sticks to bring up the shooting screen if you prefer), so don't feel you have to get your waggle on.

The game will be out to co-incide with the Wii U's launch, which is Nov 18 in the US and Nov 30 in Europe.

Justin Towell
Justin Towell

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