FIFA 08 Wii developer blog

Oct 4, 2007

Brad Porteous, FIFA 08 (Wii)Lead Producer/Designer
Welcome to the official FIFA Soccer 08 Wii blog! It%26rsquo;s been an exciting year, and designing FIFA 08 for the Nintendo Wii has been a lot of fun. We have really gone out of our way to add a lot of features specifically just for the Wii, and give Wii gamers a customized game experience.

In this week%26rsquo;s blog, I%26rsquo;ll be focusing on the controls. We%26rsquo;ve worked hard at creating a fun control scheme that will appeal to both the hardcore gamers and also those new to gaming in general.

EA Sports Family Play
When first starting the game, you will need to decide which control scheme you%26rsquo;d like to try, Family Play or Advanced. If you are a new gamer, Family Play would probably be the best choice. In this control scheme, just the Wii Remote is needed to play the game. The computer handles all player movement for you, which lets you focus on learning the core controls, such passing and shooting.

Passes are performed by pressing the A button, and shots are performed by swinging the Wii Remote up or down. Swing up if you want a high shot, and swing down if you want a low shot. The power of the shot is determined by the strength of the swing. There are plenty of other controls, but we will get to those in a bit.