FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog #04

Sep 24, 2007

Joe Booth, FIFA 08 (PS3, Xbox 360) Lead Producer
The evolution of our new Be A Pro feature comes from two things. First, we felt that the experience of playing FIFA 08 – both the view point and playing as the whole team – hasn’t really changed since we went to 3D. At the same time there is this desire from our gamers to go to an 11 vs 11 online experience. These two things inspired us to begin experimenting with a new way to play FIFA 08.

In FIFA 08 on PS3 and Xbox 360 we have two things that will take us in this direction. The first is our new Be A Pro: Offline Training mode. This is a way of playing the game where you just focus on one player. You play the game as a single fixed player for the entire match.

You choose your team and the player you want to play as. You’ll go back to the arena and get a chance to practice as that player as the game is loading. The first thing you’ll see is this very unique camera that we’ve built for this feature call called a Pro Cam. This camera is always framing the action between you, the ball and the goal. The further you are away from the goal the camera will pull back and the view will be further out to enable you to be more tactical. If you are sprinting in on goal the camera will zoom in to a tighter view that makes it feel more like you are sprinting in on goal and you are living the moment. It is really emotionally engaging, more so than we ever dreamed.