FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog #04

At the end of the game you receive a post match performance report which lists performance criteria and assigns percentages of what you did well and what you need to improve on. If you achieve certain levels you can unlock objectives and achievements inside the game.

The third component of Be A Pro: Offline Training is that you can influence your teammates in a similar way that you can when you play real football. If you want a pass you can shout at your teammates to give you the ball. Simply press the pass button and that puts an icon above your head to tell your teammates that you want a pass. If you want a through-pass you just press the through-pass button and the icon appears. Even if you want your teammates to take a shot on goal you just press the shoot button to direct them to take the shot. If the opposition has the ball you can hit the secondary press button to instruct your teammates to press the player with the ball. We are really trying to re-create that real-world experience on the pitch and create micro-challenges around off-the-ball situations.