Ferrell says "our dinos will be real!"

While he was out on the press trail this weekend promoting his latest sports comedy – ‘70s basketball farce Semi-Pro – Will Ferrell took a moment to talk Land Of The Lost, which he’s just started shooting.

And the actor revealed that the tone of the film would aim for something a little more realistic than was possible – or expected – on the TV show.

“Everything’s going to be ramped up a little bit. The kitsch of the physical production of the TV show is thrown out of the window,” he told us. “The dinosaurs and everything will look as realistic as possible, or as realistic as we think dinosaurs should look. But even the Sleestaks (the show’s reptilian threat) and things like that are all going to be real creatures as opposed to a guy in a costume with a zipper running down his back.” At which point, co-star Woody Harrelson interrupted to ask if the zipper would be present, but hidden. “You won’t see it!” laughed Ferrell. “We’ll CGI it out. We might have to put it back in post if the audience misses the zipper…”

Look for more from Ferrell and the gang on Semi-Pro soon.

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