Fear Effect 3 on its way?

Eidos could be bringing back the comic-style game Fear Effect to consoles, as a film of the game is confirmed for production.

An article in The Hollywood Reporter announced that a Fear Effect movie has been given the green light for production, partly due to Eidos apparently planning a third game in the series.

The original Fear Effect was released for PSone in 2000 and was known for its comic-book style, strong plot and appetite for violence. A sequel, Double Helix, was released a year later (and was memorable mainly for its lesbian makeout scene). Plans for a third game for PS2 were canned in 2003. The PlayStation run of the previous games would lead us to guess that a third in the series would show up on at least one of Sony's platforms.

While there are few details about the game, the director of the film has been confirmed as Stanley Tong, who has directed several Jackie Chan films, including Rumble in the Bronx. This is especially good news, as Uwe Boll (serial game-to-film butcher) originally secured the film rights, but has obviously been too busy making substandard films of BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark.

May 18, 2006