Fav irons out Marvel plans

Being good, honest film fans here at totalfilm.com, it brightens our day when we see a Hollywood important-type mixing it with the ticket-buyers and digging for inspiration.

So imagine our unbridled joy when we stumbled upon Jon Favreau’s Iron Man blog and forum.

The helmer is making his first foray into true fanboy territory with Marvel’s tale of washed-up weapons manufacturer Tony Stark. An accident leaves the millionaire unable to survive without the help of a specially designed suit, in which he becomes an iron-clad crime stopper.

The Fav opened the forum on a myspace.com page and has asked fans for story ideas and casting thoughts, as well as using it to answer questions on anything and everything – ranging from how the helmer is going to cope working with CGI, to whether he’s ever kissed Vince Vaughn (“Just his ass. Tasted like chicken.”)

JF’s latest post gives an update on where the project is now. He states: “We've got two (2!) sets of writers typing away on scenes and outlines. We've got a room full of storyboard illustrators and concept artists. The story has been fully broken. The villain has been selected and the train has left the station. I expect a rough first draft in the next several weeks, though the sequences are being hammered out visually as we speak. I won't reveal any further details on the plot or villains at this time. Marvel likes to trickle this type of info out slowly, as you can understand, and we are a full two years away from release. I did, however, convince them to share some interesting stuff some time in, oh, I don't know, July.”

What a guy, eh? Head over to Fav’s forum and soak up some Iron love.

Iron Man goes into production in January 2007 and is expecting to hit cinemas in May 2008.

Source: ( Myspace.com )

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