Start your engines, Vin Diesel has confirmed the Fast X: Part 2 release date

Fast X
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Fast X: Part 2 is zooming back onto our screens on April 4, 2025. Dom Toretto star Vin Diesel shared the news of the release date in a lengthy Instagram post thanking fans for their support. 

"April 4th 2025… is less than 22 months away," he captioned a picture of him and Dante star Jason Momoa. "I love how expressive and collaborative all of the actors in our franchise feel coming into the World’s Saga. Jason wanted to try something totally unique and special and ended up creating a scene-stealing character that the world won’t forget. Thank you all for showing up like you always do…. 7 billion means nothing if it doesn’t represent the true feeling of family and loyalty."

The actor then added: "For those who didn’t know the Fast X was just part one, know that part two is going to be an effort from our fast family and studio like you have never seen. All love…"

Fast X hit screens earlier this year as it introduced a huge new threat for the Fast family in Dante Reyes. Hellbent on causing suffering for Toretto and the rest of the team, the first part of the finale ended in a huge cliffhanger with almost everyone at risk.

And that’s not even mentioning the post-credits scene and the cameos that appeared at the end of the movie. This all means there is plenty to be wrapped up in the next part, and hopefully a lot more of Momoa’s terrifying Dante (read our ode to that performance here).

One thing Diesel doesn’t mention here is Fast X part 3. At the premiere of the latest movie in Rome, he hinted that a third movie was also on the way, but nothing has been confirmed by Universal. It seems like we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Although, something we do know is happening is Dwayne Johnson’s return as Hobbs in a new spin-off. It seems there's plenty more fuel in the Fast franchise yet.

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