You're a mammoth, hairy, in Far Cry Primal pre-order missions

Despite being set in the distant past, Far Cry Primal is a modern game. It's still got a hype-generating marketing campaign, it still has typical Far Cry tropes, and it still has the very modern business practice of pre-order bonuses. For putting your faith in Ubisoft and your money down at the register you get "Legends of the Mammoth," a three-mission DLC pack that will show you life through the eyes of one of prehistory's most famous beasts.

Seems like a nice bit of catharsis if, like us, you ever take on a mammoth and fail. After all, why get trampled underfoot when you can be the one doing the trampling? Whether you pre-order or not, Far Cry Primal will let PS4 and Xbox One owners live the harsh life of a tribesman in the age of saber-toothed cats and stone-tipped spears on February 23.

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Sam Prell

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