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Say hello to Far Cry Primal's villains in this new trailer

We know Far Cry Primal (opens in new tab) is getting all prehistoric, with spears, bows, mammoths and so on. But, as many a caveman probably thought as he skinned another gazelle, "What's the point of it all?"

Ooh, look: a trailer with stuff on the story and bad guys in it. That's handy.

The series is known for its iconic villains and this time we have Ull, the leader of the cannibalistic Udam tribe (the big ugly one up there), and Batari who leads the Izila, known for their skills with fire. It's also your first chance to get an earful of the new Far Cry Primal language (opens in new tab) made up by experts in that stuff.

Update: The official image of Batari has been removed at the request of the publisher, as it had not been approved by the ESRB. You can still catch her in the trailer, though.

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