Watch Far Cry Primal tame a bear and set everything on fire

If you've played Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4 and grew up in the Stone Age, then Far Cry Primal will probably be very familiar to you. If you've only played Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4, then this lengthy Ubisoft livestream should have a bunch of new stuff to show you. The basic idea of exploring an open world, doing missions, and capturing outposts remains the same, but lighting thatched roofs on fire with flaming arrows then sending in your tamed saber-toothed cat is a definite step up from shooting open tiger cages.

The archived stream goes on for more than two hours, ranging from outpost conquest to the gritty details of beastmastery and prehistoric linguistics. But the gameplay is presented in several different segments along with some developer discussion; if you want to skip straight to the play, scrub over to 4:45, 45:40, 1:12:25, 1:29:55, and 1:45:45. And you can play the game when it's released on February 23.

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