Far Cry 5 live-action trailers welcome you to Hope County, Montana

Welcome to Hope County, Montana. Ubisoft has released a series of short, live-action teasers for Far Cry 5, and it looks like the game will be a Western after all - though more modern day in its presentation as opposed to Wild West. Sidenote in case you were wondering: Ubisoft has a tendency to make their videos region-specific, so we've embedded ones that may not be in English, but you should be able to view.

All the videos contrast beautiful scenery with glimpses of violence, making them simultaneously wonderful yet terrible tourism ads for Montana. Above we see a body floating down the river, a man on the run for his life,  someone getting their head rammed into a church bell, and I don't even wanna know what's happening to the poor soul in the woods.

E3 2017 is just around the corner, and a proper Far Cry 5 reveal is scheduled for this Friday. I get the feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this game over the next couple months.

Sam Prell

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