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Far Cry 3 High Tides co-op DLC hits Jan. 15

Far Cry 3's co-op DLC High Tides will wash ashore on PlayStation 3 on January 15, Sony announced in its PlayStation Blogcast. The DLC with two additional missions will be available free-of-charge for PS3 players.

The two extra missions, titled Jailbreak and Redemption, conclude the story of the four characters seeking revenge (and cash) for nearly being sold to pirates by a greedy cruise ship captain. The original announcement stated that High Tides will be "exclusively on PS3 for console gamers," so Xbox 360 players may be out of luck--at least for a while.

No mention has been made of a PC release for the extra content, or any post-release single-player DLC for Far Cry 3, so far.

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