Fan-made Nintendo Direct imagines Animal Crossing features pretty much everyone wants

One creative Animal Crossing fan put together an incredibly convincing Nintendo Direct, complete with professional voice actors, and it's basically ever Animal Crossing: New Horizon player's dream.

We all love Orville from the airport, but man does he prattle on longer than Blathers on a rant about a dinosaur. The 100% fake Nintendo Direct imagines what life would be like if Nintendo were to patch in a "speedy service" option when setting up a flight or opening your gates. Watching it in action was a painful reminder of how much time I've spent mindlessly tapping through the same ol' dialogue.

Imagine being able to just go to the airport, buy a plane ticket, and go about your merry way without having to leave, go to the bank, and buy one there. Nick Ha's sadly-fake Nintendo Direct has that too. Or what if when a friend comes to visit your island, the game simply saves and then displays their arrival banner while you continue playing the game. Finally, how cool would it be to set up your own shop for other players to buy unwanted items?

Without spoiling the video, there are a ton of other quality-of-life updates included you'll wonder why Nintendo hasn't added. And it's actually the second video of its kind released by the same creator. Check out the first fake Nintendo Direct here and dream of a future where you can craft as much fish bait as you want in a single action.

For now, here are some incredible Animal Crossing New Horizon island ideas to inspire your terraforming. 

Jordan Gerblick

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