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Fallout Shelter's biggest update ever and a PC port will arrive on Thursday

Bethesda has revealed on Twitter that Fallout Shelter's biggest update yet is just days away. Update 1.6 will let your dwellers go on quests outside of the vault (instead of just walking until they die), and it will add a new combat system that lets them target specific enemies. You'll even be able to start playing on PC, as the game's first non-mobile version will be released alongside the update.

Here's the video Bethesda Game Studios used to introduce the update back at E3 in case you need a refresher.

Other update 1.6 features include new characters, who you'll meet in non-Vault locations like the Super Duper Mart, and new enemies to fight. Bethesda says more than 50 million people have played Fallout Shelter in the year since it was released, and like a super mutant after a fresh round of Forced Evolutionary Virus exposure, it's still going strong.

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