Fallout: New Vegas The Frontier mod removed by creators

Fallout: New Vegas The Frontier Mod
(Image credit: Bethesda via The Frontier)

The expansive Fallout: New Vegas The Frontier mod has been taken offline just a few weeks after it went live due to some troubling sexual content posted by one of its developers, reports PC Gamer

The Frontier dropped on NexusMods in early January, crashing its own page on the site shortly after its release. It features a map the size of Fallout: New Vegas' Mojave desert, three new faction storylines, over 60 side quests, thousands of lines of new dialogue, and new drivable vehicles. It may return to NexusMods in the future, but for now the team has decided to take the mod offline, due to disturbing sexual content posted on the personal artist account of one of its developers. Here's the team's full statement, which currently appears in place of the mod on NexusMods:

 "Some deeply concerning news has emerged in the past few hours. We have been recently notified that one of our developers, ZuTheSkunk, had posted animated pedophillic content on their personal artist accounts. The items in question are deeply disturbing to the entire team, and we condemn them in the strongest sense. ZuTheSkunk has since been removed from the Development Team and banned off of our Community Discord. We will be conducting dialogue with members of the development team to hear their thoughts regarding the current situation and help make our decision more informed. We have stopped production and work on the mod to address the current events properly. More measures will be undertaken and a more detailed address will be posted soon."

As PC Gamer points out, there is some seriously problematic sexual content in The Frontier mod itself, and you can't help but wonder if ZuTheSkunk was the person behind such content. The Frontier includes a teenage girl NPC who can be made into a sex slave, and reptile people who fornicate with humans. A Reddit user criticized the quite frankly repulsive sexual content, writing "the mod team desperately needed an editor of some sorts slapping their hands away from the keyboard". If The Frontier does return as a playable mod for Fallout: New Vegas, let's hope the dev team removes the troubling sexual content.

Fallout: New Vegas Star Wars mod is an entirely new game. 

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