Fallout: New Vegas mod will make you feel like John Wayne

Fallout: New Vegas
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A Fallout: New Vegas modder has created a series of new animations which give the game's weapons a little extra Wild Western flair. 

Spotted by PC Gamer, modder Hitman47101 (on Nexus Mods) has created several animation mods for a variety of weapons in Fallout: New Vegas. Most recently, Hitman47101 reworked the Hunting Rifle’s animations which include how it reloads, fires, holsters, and draws. 

As well as the Hunting Rifle, the modder has also created new animations for Fallout: New Vegas’ Sniper Rifle, 10mm Pistol, Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle, Combat Knife, 10mm SMG, 9mm Pistol, Hunting Shotgun, and the Service Rifle. So whatever your weapon of choice, you’ll still be able to be the most stylish shooter of the Mojave Desert. 

Despite originally released in 2010, fans of Obsidian’s post-apocalyptic shooter can’t get enough of it. In fact, earlier this year a team of Fallout: New Vegas modders completed a huge project which was in development for over 7 years. 

The huge mod - known as The Frontier - included 163 weapons, three new quests, and more with the team behind it calling it "the largest modification ever released for Fallout: New Vegas." Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last as only a few short weeks after its release, The Frontier mod was removed from Steam by its creators.

In more recent Fallout: New Vegas news, big fans of the game can get their hands on a Yes Man collectible figure. Pre-orders are open now but you’ll need to act fast as these bad boys are limited to only 1,000. So if you miss out on grabbing one this time around, you’ll most probably end up never being able to secure one again. 

Looking for a new Fallout game to play? Take a look at our list of the best Fallout games for inspiration. 

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