A Fallout: New Vegas Yes Man statue is coming but there will only be 1,000

Fallout: New Vegas Yes Man statue
(Image credit: Bethesda)

A Fallout: New Vegas Yes Man statue is available now, but supplies on this polyresin homage to the Mojave Wasteland's most helpful Securitron are extremely limited.

The New Vegas: Yes Man statue just recently went up for pre-order on the official Bethesda Gear store, with the limited run of 1,000 pieces set to start shipping out in February 2022. Limited runs of Protectron and Assaultron statues are also open for pre-orders now, but they can't help you out with the daily stresses of running an entire post-apocalyptic gambling town. Well, maybe if the Protectron just so happens to be FISTO...

Anyway, the Yes Man statue stands about 8 inches or 20 centimeters tall, and while he can't move around on his little unicycle wheel, you can have him display your choice of Yes Man expressions with a set of 8 replaceable sticker faces. His permanent base is adorned with The Tops logo, showing his enduring loyalty to your old pal Benny (or whoever he's programmed to be loyal to at any given time).

Fallout: New Vegas still tops out our list of the best Fallout games, and we're waiting to see if Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian becoming sister studios at Microsoft may help pave the way to a new adventure in the Mojave Wasteland. Both studios already have plenty on their plates with Bethesda working on Starfield next and Obsidian creating The Outer Worlds 2 among other projects, but we can always dream.

Bethesda also recently sold a full-scale, wearable Fallout: New Vegas Desert Ranger helmet. Not feeling in the mood to buy expensive collectibles? Check some Games like Fallout Shelter instead. 

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