Wearable Fallout: New Vegas Desert Ranger helmet comes with an NCR belt buckle too

Bethesda is bringing Fallout: New Vegas' iconic Desert Ranger helmet to real-life with an extremely limited edition run of wearable replicas.

The Fallout NCR Desert Ranger Helmet Bundle went live on the Bethesda Gear store today and almost instantly sold out. Only 500 bundles will be made in the whole dang world and they're set to start shipping out in December - the store page does include the option to sign up for back-in-stock notifications, so Bethesda may be holding some of the helmets in reserve for sale at a later date.

Whether or not you can ever get your hands on one in real-life, you can appreciate the intricate details that went into this recreation of a beloved piece of equipment. While it may not have the same instant recognition as a Power Armor helmet, real ones know that New Vegas is still the best Fallout game, and that the Desert Rangers are still the coolest cats west of the post-apocalyptic Mississippi.

Each hand-painted helmet comes with adjustable inner straps so you can actually wear it yourself, and it fits "up to a XL helmet size" - so maybe even inconveniently large noggins like my own will be able to fit. The helmet's visor lights up green with the aid of two AA batteries, which completes the cool Ranger effect (they're red in the game, but maybe that would be too menacing to sell as a consumer product).

Aside from the helmet itself, the bundle also includes a metal belt buckle embossed with the image of the New California Republic flag - which, if you're not familiar, looks a lot like the flag for the state of California except the bear has an extra head. It also includes a "More Ferocious than a Deathclaw" window sticker, featuring that phrase and a rather pensive cartoon Deathclaw.

While it's never too early to start looking forward to Fallout 5, Bethesda Game Studios already has a lot on its plate: Starfield is now officially coming next year, and after that The Elder Scrolls 6 looms in the distance. Don't forget that Fallout 76 has really come around since launch, too, with its next expansion coming in July.

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