Fall Guys Monopoly board game launches with real-life Big Yeetus

Fall Guys monopoly
(Image credit: Mediatonic/Hasbro)

Fall Guys monopoly is here to make your next family game night even more frenzied and chaotic - because that's exactly what it needed, right?

The official (and often quite spicy) Twitter account for Fall Guys broke the news of the latest Monopoly iteration, which is available now in the US via Amazon for $26.49 (a worldwide release is said to be coming "soon"). The board game for families comes with a Fall Guys-themed Monopoly board, adorable little bean character tokens, "Knockout die," crowns (instead of cash), and actual plastic obstacles like the Moving Wall, See Saw, and notorious Big Yeetus.

Like the Super Mario Bros.-themed Monopoly game and most other themed editions, Fall Guy Monopoly comes with its own set of unique features to keep things fresh. For example, you'll buy Rounds instead of property as you move around the board, and every time you pass Go you collect a Crown, which are each worth 10,000 Kudos. The actual physical obstacles included in the kit can be set up to thwart your opponents.

Fall Guys Monopoly

(Image credit: Hasbro/Mediatonic)

"In this exciting edition of the Monopoly game, players buy up as many Rounds as they can," reads the official description. "The more Rounds they own, the more Kudos they can collect. Players move around the board as a Fall Guys character token, performing wild actions such as jumping, grabbing, and falling to victory! Besides dodging the 3D obstacles, players collect valuable Crowns when passing Go, and roll the Knockout die to change gameplay."

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