Fallout 76's Reclamation Day officially recognized by the state of West Virginia

Image via WV Tourism

Image via WV Tourism (opens in new tab)

After partnering with Bethesda on a series of Fallout 76 (opens in new tab)-inspired tourist activities, the government of West Virginia has now recognized the game's launch in state legislation. As Bethesda shared on Twitter (opens in new tab) yesterday, governor Jim Justice and secretary of state Mac Warner officially proclaimed November 14, 2018 to be Reclamation Day in West Virginia. 

Reclamation Day isn't going to be a state holiday or anything, so unfortunately people won't get it off work. It's more of a celebration of West Virginia's role in the game, as well as the ultimate proof that the state itself is the biggest Fallout 76 fan of all. The game helped "introduced and showcase the Mountain State to a unique audience," the proclamation reads, "and stands to generate first-time visitation and local travel and tourism around the state." 

Naturally, the proclamation also encourages players "to visit West Virginia and explore the diverse set of featured sights and destinations in the game and extend your stay outside Vault 76 to discover all the Mountain State has to offer." Which is great and all, but I really wish they'd gone all the way and made it an informal holiday or something. That would fit right in with the spirit of Bethesda releases (opens in new tab), and you know some people are going to take it off anyway. While we're at it, we may as well extend Reclamation Day to the rest of the world as a day for, I don't know, reclaiming lost gaming time. Who's with me? 

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