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Fallout 76 is only $35 / £33 on Amazon right now on all platforms

It may have only been released a week ago, but prices for Bethesda's brand new MMO, Fallout 76, have been falling over Black Friday like nukes during the Great War. We've seen Amazon US offering Fallout 76 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for just $34.99, which is a ridiculously good price for a game that came out just last week and would normally sell for around twice that amount.

Fallout 76 on PS4 / Xbox One / PC for $34.99 from Amazon
What an absolute bargain, which is crazy given how close we to its release.
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Over at Walmart there's the sleek Fallout 76 Steelbook Edition for just $39 on Xbox One and PS4, which gets you some additional content, the actual steelbook case, Walmart exclusive controller skin, and 500 Atoms to spend in the in-game shop on skins, paint, emotes and more. Even a snazzy hat. 

Steelbook Edition Fallout 76 for $39 from Walmart on Xbox One and PS4
The Steelbook version comes with an awesome controller skin, 500 Atoms to spend in-game, and naturally the game itself.
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But don't fret UK wasteland explorers, we've got a deal for you too. Over on Amazon UK, Fallout 76 is only £32.99 right now on both PS4 and Xbox One with three Amazon exclusive pin badges.

Fallout 76 on PS4 or Xbox One for £32.99 at Amazon
It's not even been a week but Amazon is ready to make you feel special with this Fallout 76 Black Friday deal, including three exclusive pin badges.
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If you're a PlayStation player and aren't bothered about some extra pin badges, then Coolshop have Fallout 76 for just £26.95 as a Black Friday special on PS4.

Fallout 76 on PS4 for £26.95 from Coolshop
This may be just be the basic edition, but it's the cheapest we've seen Fallout 76 on consoles so far.
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PC gamers have it even better! Forget the packaging and go digital, as CDKeys have a digital download of Fallout 76 on PC for just £19.99 - how low will this game go? 

Fallout 76 digital download on PC for £19.99 from CDKeys
Amazingly, you can get Fallout 76 digitally for under £20 with this cheapest deal we've seen.
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Of course, if you're not in the market for Fallout 76, then keep an eye on our Black Friday game deals for all the latest and greatest deals, or head over to our Cyber Monday PS4 deals or Cyber Monday Xbox One deals hubs for more juicy savings.

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