Fallout 76 AMA teases Brotherhood of Steel, new Mole Miner, and new NPC storylines

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The same Fallout 76 Reddit AMA that unveiled the possibility of full-fledged pets coming to the game also contains teasers for several upcoming updates and features, including possible Brotherhood of Steel content.

Project lead Jeff Gardiner and lead designer Ferret Baudoin answered dozens of questions submitted by the Fallout 76 community, and while many responses deal with minor fixes here and there, the two snuck a few big-picture teases into the mix. Here's a roundup of the biggest things we learned:

  • It sounds like a new friendly Mole Miner character is coming next month. Gardiner says there's a new Mole Miner in the next big patch, and I'm assuming this will be more like Purveyor Murmrgh rather than a new type of hostile Mole Miner.
  • The Wendigo Colossus introduced in Wastelanders will star in a new event coming this summer.    
  • The Brotherhood of Steel may play a more direct role in a far-off piece of DLC, or perhaps a smaller update. Gardiner says "the Brotherhood is now watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely," so perhaps as the Appalachian wasteland develops alongside its new residents, the Brotherhood's interest in the region will increase.  
  • The elusive Marine combat helmet will be added to the game as a craftable "very soon." 
  • Bethesda is looking into a more robust skill respec system, and hopes to "tackle this in the coming months." 
  • The Gold Bullion economy will remain unchanged. "The end game loot for Wastelanders isn't meant to be a tradable commodity," Baudoin says. "This is meant to be something that you personally do." 
  • Wastelanders is the big NPC blowout, but future Fallout 76 updates and expansions will also include "NPCs, storylines, new companions, etc" according to Gardiner

Wastelanders is a huge overhaul that shows Bethesda is ready to do whatever it takes. 

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