Fall Guys is teasing a "big announcement", and fans are already predicting what it could be

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys is announcing something big next week, and fans are already predicting what it could be. 

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has tweeted that it's got a "big announcement" in store for next week. The tweet didn't give any hints on what it's got planned for the colourful battle royale game that is Fall Guys, but you don't have long to wait to find out. Mediatonic will be hosting a live stream on Twitch and YouTube on May 16 at 6 pm BST / 10 am PT / 1 pm ET, where all will be revealed. 

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Following the tweet, fans have been speculating what the fuss is all about. Some think Fall Guys will be transitioning to the free-to-play model to help the game's dwindling player numbers. "Predicting that it might be going free. I hope since it might bring some people in who didn't want to spend 20 bucks but were interested in the game," wrote one Twitter user.

Many fans are also predicting that the announcement will involve the rumoured Fortnite and Fall Guys crossover event. Last week, a Fortnite leaker revealed that mysterious URLs 'Epic Fallguys Extension' and 'Epic Fallguyz Ektenzion', had been redirecting visitors to the official Fortnite website, suggesting that the battle-royale heavyweights will be going head to head in the near future. 

Another popular opinion is that the Fall Guys will finally be coming to both Switch and Xbox. Twitter user Meyer1128 is particularly keen to see the game on Microsoft's console, tweeting, "If it's not the release date for Xbox ima lose it". 

Meanwhile, the likelihood of the announcement being a Switch release is high after Nintendo of America retweeted Mediatonic's post. Perhaps the biggest hint that the announcement involves Fall Guys launching on Xbox and Switch comes from the game's subreddit, which shows a supposed in-game message asking fans to "Tune in to hear the latest news about Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more!"

so_xbox_and_nintendo_switch_are_pretty_much from r/FallGuysGame

Fall Guys' "big announcement" could be any, all or potentially none of these theories. We'll have to wait for official word from Mediatonic on Monday to find out. 

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