Fall Guys have come to Skyrim

(Image credit: Bethesda / Mediatonic)

They trip through the door in a single, writhing mass, as if they were a single organism and not scores of brightly coloured individuals. They are the Fall Guys, and they are everywhere - so naturally, they’re now in Skyrim, too.

A new follower mod lets you take Fall Guys into battle. Some of them wear Sweet Roll hats, others Nord helmets. A few are double the size of their fellows, and we can’t pretend to know why that is.

As a bonus, the excellent trailer gives you an opportunity to hear Skyrim’s Japanese voice acting - since that’s the language modder M150 speaks.

Beyond the custom headwear, M150 has also designed weapons for the Fall Guys. These shiny purple sticks certainly match the Sunday-morning-telly vibe of Mediatonic’s bumble royale, and they definitely don’t look like bedroom toys. Honestly, if that’s where your brain went, we’re worried for you. Fall Guys is a family game.

The armour and weapons can be constructed at any forge in the game, in the iron category. But it’s important to note one key restriction on the mod: you’ll need the Dragonborn DLC installed.

Fall Guys has been ascendant since its launch on PC and as a free PS Plus game at the beginning of August. It’s coming to mobile devices in China, and its devs are taking action against an influx of Fall Guys cheaters. The crossovers are going in both directions, too - there’s an official Portal x Fall Guys costume available in-game.

The Fall Guys are waiting for you at Whitewatch Tower, the sentry post just north of Whiterun. How can you deny them?

In other news, you should check out our Fall Guys minigame rankings and let us know your favourites.  

Jeremy Peel

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