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Fairytale Fights - EXCLUSIVE trailer and multiplayer info

Earlier this monthwe got to try outFairytale Fight’s blood-drenched yet sugar-cute gameplay for ourselves, and we found that one of our favorite aspects of the game so far is working together with friends through story mode in co-op.

But as you might expect from a hack ‘n’ slasherfull ofdismemberment and creative killing, Fairytale Fights isn’t all about working together – there are four competitive multiplayer arenas as well where you can take out all that hidden rage you’ve been stifling against your roommate ever since he took a bite out ofyour pizzaand put it back in the fridge. Think Super Smash Bros,but... bloodier.

Behind the Glass
In our hands-on time withthe story mode, the Giant level (featuring the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk) was probably our favorite, so we're happy to see he shows up again in this multiplayer arena. The action here is completely combat based, since you can't fall off any platforms in this level, and there's a Pac-Man like escape tunnel so you can escape to the other side of the level if necessary. Garden gnomes also make an appearance, which you can either slay or pick up and use as a weapon.

Above: The floor looks like boobs

Jaw Breaker
Takes place in the Candy Candy castle soda pop factory, where players need to battle each other while they are under continuous threat of being crushed by machinery. Watch out for the cats!

Lumber Rumble
This one takes place in the Lumberjack Lands. To battle your foe, you need to navigate a rotating wooden plank first, so this arena has both platforming and combat elements to master.

Wishing on a Cloud
Another level with platforming elements involved,this one hasmoving platforms that can be a bit tricky since there's not much space to move around. The best strategy is to kill your enemies by throwing/pushing them from the platforms. There's also a wishing well here, so if you have money to burn you can throw in some coins and hope it spits out a cool weapon.

Look for our review when Fairytale Fights ships October 27. In the meantime, we've got an exclusive trailer that gives a look at some of the finer things in the fairytale kingdom: