A Face/Off reboot is coming, scripted by the Sonic movie writer (because 2019 just doesn’t stop)

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Cult classic sci-fi movie Face/Off is being rebooted. The John Woo-directed 1997 original, which saw Nicolas Cage and John Travolta swap faces (and identities), is being updated with a “new cast.” The project will be penned by Sonic movie co-writer Oren Uziel, who previously scripted 22 Jump Street.

As revealed by Deadline, the Face/Off reboot has been given the green light by Paramount, though nothing else has been revealed. As of writing, there’s no release date, no director attached, nor any mention of Cage and Travolta getting a chance to chew the scenery for a second time.

In fact, a fresh set of faces – for lack of a better phrase – will be introduced, which may disappoint many who felt the lead duo’s performances in the original elevated a ridiculous premise into a perfect popcorn flick. Sure, one of the characters (spoilers) meet their untimely demise at the wrong end of a spear by the original’s end but, in a movie that literally swaps people’s faces, death is but a mere scratch.

However, it looks as if Face/Off is going full steam ahead with the reboot treatment and won’t be a continuation of the franchise.

Several beloved 1990s movies and properties have been revived recently. A new look The Lion King was released earlier this year, while The Matrix 4 has been announced with both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning. Even Home Alone is making a comeback for a new generation: ‘90s kids never had it so good.

Nothing, though, will beat the news that we’re getting a Face/Off reboot written by the Sonic movie director. Just let that sink in for a second.

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