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Fable Legends announced for Xbox One - first screenshots right here

Microsoft has announced Fable Legends for Xbox One, offering players the chance to explore Albion in a group of four adventurers, whether as one player with computer allies or a team of four humans co-operating via Xbox Live.

The game will allow you to either play as a hero or as a villain, and will also incorporate SmartGlass functionality. This will not only add a second screen for easy map and inventory access, but will allow a second player to play as a villain while the main Xbox One controller is being used by another player in the same room to play as a hero. The 'villain' will be able to place enemies for the hero to defeat, as well as triggering traps and environmental hazards. The villain player will also be able to tell his minions when and how to attack.

The game will run on Unreal Engine 4, which means the game should look sensational, as these first screenshots confirm.The game is being developed by Lionhead, although now without the supervision of series creator, Peter Molyneux. The game will feature traditional RPG elements such as skill trees, loot and gold, but will now offer the ability to combine magic attacks and skills in real-time.

A release date has not been specified for Fable Legends, although it has not appeared on the official list of launch games for Xbox One (opens in new tab) so don't expect it to arrive before Christmas.

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