Ezra Miller is writing a script for The Flash alongside comic book icon Grant Morrison

After starring in Justice League as The Flash and making short appearances in Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ezra Miller isn't finished with the fastest man alive. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald star is taking a crack at writing his own script for the upcoming Flash movie in an effort to keep the role. 

He may not have too much time though, as his holding deal to play The Flash expires this May. The fact that Miller is attempting to write his own script could make or break Warner Bros.' decision to keep him in the company of the Justice League.

Miller's partnered with iconic comic writer Grant Morrison, who's known for his work on the Justice League of America and All-Star Superman comics, among many others, to create a darker take on the speedster superhero. It's a different angle than the lighter Shazam-like approach that John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the duo who wrote Spider-Man: Homecoming, wanted since they joined the project in early 2018. 

The DC Extended Universe is in a weird spot currently. Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have both hung up their capes as Superman and Batman (respectively) after a series of poorly received blockbusters. Cavill even dropped out of a small Superman cameo in Shazam! to focus on other projects, like The Witcher Netflix series. The Man of Steel hasn't been recast either, leading fans to believe that the hero may not have appearances in the near future.

But even as his cape-crusading friends are changing faces, Miller has doubled down on his ambitions to continue as Barry Allen. He's been one of the few constants in the Flash's slow and bumpy road to a silver screen adventure, though his time could be running out. 

Erza's version of the script could be submitted to the studio as early next week to help increase his chances of retaining the character. Here's hoping his role is more than just a flash in the pan. 

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