EyeToy: Play 2 - mental new shots

Sony have released new shots of EyeToy: Play 2 - and the screen of the granny playing air guitar is one of the wrongest things we've seen, well, this morning at least.

The sequel to last year's best-selling Play compilation features 12 new games that make use of the webcam-style device and include the martial arts-inspired Kung2, home improvement madness in the shape of DIY and fast food shenanigans courtesy of Mr Chef.

In addition to the host of new mini-games, Play 2 will also include SpyToy, which will capture photos or record video of unsuspecting passers-by. You can even record a message that will pop up on your TV screen if anyone walks in front of the EyeToy. How brilliantly sinister.

EyeToy: Play 2 is released for PS2 on 5 November