Expert builds for Destiny's Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris

Weapons Loadouts for Trials of Osiris 

There are a number of popular guns you'll notice popping up during the Trials of Osiris that are favoured by the majority of players. Our selection includes a number of these, simply because they get the job done.


Hand Cannons are rife in PvP, and Thorn is perfectly suited thanks to the high rate of fire, reload rate and damage over time upgrades.

Hawkmoon is a PlayStation exclusive (for now) with high impact and magazine size. The Luck in the Chamber perk grants 33 per cent extra damage to one round in your magazine, while Holding Aces will give another two bullets in your mag bonus damage.

The Last Word has the quickest reload of the hand cannons with a decent rate of fire. The Fan Fire perk makes it fully automatic which needs to be offset with increased stability. It's a great hand cannon for PvP.

Vex Mythoclast is a primary exotic fusion rifle with a perk that negates the need to charge it like a regular fusion rifle, and is one of the most powerful primary weapons available.


The high impact and range makes Felwinter's Lie a great pick for both PvP and PvE, so keep it with you for the Trials and Prison of Elders.

Party Crasher +1 also has great range and is pretty similar to Felwinter's lie, so pick the one you're most comfortable with.

Plan C has great impact, range, stability, and reload speed so it's a no-brainer for the Trials.

Praedyth's Revenge was our pick for the Prison of Elders, but the reload speed and stability makes it a shoo-in for PvP as well.

Patience and Time is ideal for PvP thanks to the invisibility granted when you aim down the sights. Aside from offering camouflage while sniping, you can also lurk near downed Guardians to surprise anyone coming to revive them.


Proximity detonation is invaluable in PvP, and with Truth's added tracking from the Prototype Trueseeker perk, it's a great rocket launcher for your arsenal.

The high impact and range makes Against All Odds perfect for PvP and PvE- it has the highest base range of machine guns in the game.

Our loadout suggestions should give you an idea of the pros and cons of the subclasses, and what kind of armour you should be equipping for your chosen perks.

If you're wiping the floor with Guardians in the Trials of Osiris, or decimating hordes in the Prison of Elders with your own tried-and-tested loadout, you can share your specs in the comments below.

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