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Exclusive: Transformers game undisguised!

We were supposed to be bringing you a first look at Transformers: The Game screenshots today, but in the words of the public relations guy - "all screens are sat on film director Michael Bay's desk awaiting approval."That means we'll have to wait a bit longer before we can get a glimpse at the way the game of the potential summer blockbuster is looking.

However, we have scored some exclusive details to keep you busy in the meantime:

%26bull; Transformers: The Game is being developed by Traveller's Tales - the team behind Lego Star Wars. Having proved themselves entirely capable with miniaturizing the world's best loved film series, we're glad they're on board.

%26bull; You can play as either an Autobot or a Decepticon. Depending on your choice of faction you'll use the power and scale of the retro robotoys to protect or destroy Earth. The geek in us is desperately wrestling with which of the Transformers we'd most like to be. Is it the most famous, Optimus Prime, who turns into a big rig truck? Or Soundwave, the Decepticon who turns into a stereo and shoots tapes from his chest? Or maybe Megatron who morphs into a large handheld gun? Great as a toy, but a bit immobile in a battle. One thing's certain - it won't be that stupid Bumblebee one. He was garbage.

%26bull; Fairly predictably, the game will require players to fight the opposing team, using their unique weapons, transforming abilities and objects they encounter in the world. Additionally, as is the standard for next-gen titles, full destructibility of environments is being promised. But probably not on PS2.

%26bull; It's out in the summer.

In the absence of actual images, we're envisaging a playable version of theCitroen C4 advert. Apart from the dancing, of course. First screens will hopefully follow shortly, as soon as Michael Bay gives us the okay...

February 9, 2007