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Exclusive: New Tron Legacy Image

We have it on good authority that new trailer for Tron Legacy is going online next week, but until then we have the first of three exclusive images from the film!

Darker, moodier and more atmospheric than previous images, all of which was based in the 'game-world' of Tron, this new pic gives us a glimpse at the real world, and it's grim.

Fans of the first film will remember the setting too; Flynn's Arcade - though this isn't your Dad's Tron , and this isn't the arcade Flynn left behind... check out the image below;

To see a larger version click here.

The still shows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), arriving on motorbike to his father's abandoned arcade.

Previous footage and promo stills have focused on Tron - the clean, clinical computer world where Sam's father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has been living for the past 25 years.

This image then serves as a marker of how director Joseph Kosinski has envisioned life outside the game; gritty.

From the dilapidated arcade and surrounding buildings, to the original Tron billboard atop the arcade, weathered, battered and torn to shreds.

It has certainly whet our appetites for the trailer - so we're excited to say that we'll have more brand new Tron Legacy images for tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday (four in all), so check back at 4pm (GMT) for your next installment of Tron-based goodness!

So, Tron ? Or Jog-on? Leave a comment below!