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Exclusive Black Friday offer: save an extra $10 / £10 on the Neue gaming chair

Save $10 / £10 on the Secretlab Neue gaming chair

If you're looking to pick up a gaming chair over Black Friday, we've got some good news for you. We've partnered with Secretlab - one of the leading names in chairs - to offer an exclusive discount on the NeueChair, the latest and greatest model, designed for both gaming and regular PC working. You can check out our review of the NeueChair right here, and find out what makes it so comfy. If you decide you want one, we've got a code that gives you $10 / £10 off the price, when you buy direct from Secretlab (who are also offering free shipping right now). This is  in addition to the current Black Friday savings of 21%! So, after the discount, you're getting the chair for $539 in the US, and £489 in the UK.

When you get to the checkout enter the code: FutureExclusive10 to get an additional $10 / £10 off the price of the chair.

NeueChair is $539 from Secretlab in the US
You're already getting 21% off, so when you enter FutureExclusive10 you get a further $10 off.View Deal

Don't forget to enter the code: FutureExclusive10 at checkout. And if you're in the UK, here's that same deal for you.

Neuechair is £489 from Secretlab in the UK
Again, you're getting 21% off the chair to start with. And then the code FutureExclusive10 gets you another £10 discount.View Deal

The Neuechair is a fine piece of kit, and definitely finishes off your gaming set-up nicely. This is an expensive item, though, so is it worth the money? Well, out of the box it's one of the easiest chairs we've tested in terms of assembly - we managed to get it together in record time, and it looks rather lovely once set up. The only problem came when adding the casters on the bottom, which required a bit of grunt.

In terms of design, it looks great, especially if you're looking for a chair to exist as part of a non-gaming set-up. Your PC may not be your own during the day, and you may need to look semi-respectable. In which case, the Neuechair fits in nicely. The only problem is the price. Yeah, it's expensive, and you can probably get a gaming chair that's just as comfy for less. What you're really paying for here is the design, so if that matters... well, there's a discount and an exclusive code for you right now.

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