Ewan McGregor could show his kids any film from his career – but he chose Trainspotting

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Ewan McGregor has revealed which of his movies his kids have seen and, yes, Trainspotting is one of them.

"I wasn’t there when Clara watched Trainspotting for the first time. But I did used to show my kids the toilet scene. Just for a laugh. It’s a unique situation, perhaps, for a father to be able to show his children footage of him going down the toilet," McGregor said at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival (H/T Variety).

The scene in question – from the 1996 Danny Boyle-directed dark comedy which shot the actor into superstardom – sees McGregor’s Renton fishing through (and in) the worst toilet in Scotland for his lost suppositories. That’s one way of finding out that your dad is a movie star.

McGregor also recalled the time he showed his daughter 2001 musical Moulin Rouge in which McGregor plays Christian, a writer who falls for performer Satine (Nicole Kidman) under tragic circumstances.

"I have a memory of showing Clara Moulin Rouge, however. I think she was 9 years old. I put it on, and then I hear this wailing and crying. I rushed in, asking if I should switch it off and she went: ‘Noooo!’"

So, a word of warning, then: if you’re ever invited to movie night round Ewan McGregor’s house – bring tissues and a sick bucket. You'll never know which one you might need.

McGregor, meanwhile, recently took another trip down memory lane with fans at Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Star Wars Celebration panel.

"The Star Wars part of my life is back and it feels really good," McGregor in April. "Hopefully, someone might think we should do some more."

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