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Even the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is wearing masks in this fan edit

(Image credit: Nintendo/Gleed (via Twitter))

The Smash Bros. Ultimate roster wearing masks is the most 2020 thing ever, and I'm 100% here for it.

In this fan edit by Twitter user Gleed, every single fighter on the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster is doing the safe and responsible thing by masking up - even those who probably find wearing masks a bit more inconvenient than others. Look at Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros; it might not look as threatening with a mask covering its entire face and blocking its only weapon, but at least it's not potentially spreading a deadly virus. And then there's Charizard, seen here just before accidentally torching its 50th mask that day.

(Image credit: Nintendo/Gleed (via Twitter))

Scroll through the entire roster of Smash Bros. Ultimate wearing masks via Gleed's Imgur page. Some characters making wearing a mask look very natural - stylish even. Check out Isabelle and her adorable red mask and tell me she doesn't belong on the cover of Vogue.

With Link, the mask adds an advantageous unpredictability - those Bokoblins won't know if he's about to bomb their camp or join them for a hot meal. Doctor Mario's even got a face shield on for some extra protection on the frontline of coronavirus treatment efforts. And I will admit, some of the face masks feel a tad redundant, like on Samus, Joker, and Olimar. Still, cheers to them for sending the right message.

The most recent update to Smash Bros. Ultimate came last month and introduced Min Min, a fighter from Arms, as the newest playable character. If you haven't yet, download update 8.0 and get the new Spring Stadium stage, some new Mii Fighter costumes, an addition to the Spirit Board, and a laundry list of balancing updates to the roster.

Here are all the ways the video game community is aiding in coronavirus relief efforts. 

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